Reducing the Risk of Diabetes

In the previous article, we learn that exercising can help reduce the risk of getting diabetes. So exactly how much exercise is needed to lessen the risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Before we get into that, how about you understand what exactly this health risk is. Diabetes is a disease that occurs as a result of too much sugar in the blood, also reference to as high blood glucose. The blood glucose is associated with food consumption, which happens to be the main source of energy that derives from the different food we intake.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, what helps the glucose from the food to enter your cells and transforms into energy within your body, is an insulin, which is a hormone made by the pancreas. However, there are times when your body fail to produce sufficient insulin, or not use the insulin created properly. And when that happens the glucose tends to remain in your blood, coming short of reaching your body cells. Periodically, when there is too much glucose within your blood, then the health problems, or in other words diabetes, becomes immanent.

The amount of physical exercise that is recommended to prevent type 2 diabetes is doing a minimum of 150 minutes of workout per week at a moderate level of intensity, states Dr. Maria Lankinen, a PHD. Of course, getting some amount of exercise will enhance your overall health and decrease your chances of being a diabetic, rather than very little to no exercise at all. A study conducted by Dr. Maria and her colleagues showed that the active participants of the study that completed at least an hour and a half of exercise per week had better health results compared to those participants with little to no exercise per week.

One way to track the level and intensity during workouts is to wear a Fitbit, or something of sort. Smart watches now have the capabilities to monitor your blood sugar, blood pressure, and a few other health concerning areas. While some people can get just the right amount of workout that is sufficient enough to keep your glucose low, from doing their daily jobs, others have to actually get out and make some time to exercise. Exercise is a key component to keeping healthy, another component is eating a healthy diet, stay tone to learn more about it in our next article.

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