A Turtle’s Tale

During a time when animals once roamed the earth without the interference of mankind, God hosted a party in the heavenly realm and invited all his favorite animals. Amongst those animals were spider, lizard, maggot, caterpillar, bugs, birds, bees, worms, ants, squirrels, and none other than turtle. The party was meant for the animals who were prey to other animals on earth, for most their lives. Those animals that were hidden, afraid most times to freely go about their lives without the feeling of being hunted down.

When the invitation was sent out, God mentioned that each guess was allowed to bring two other animals along for the party. Everyone that was invited brought guess as they made their way to heaven, except turtle. A portal was to open at a specific time, and close after an hour, for all the guests to make their way to the main event. And so it happened, the portal opened and within an hour all the party guests had arrived in heaven. Turtle having foreshadowed what was to come, outwitted his peers by introducing himself when he first entered the party as “everyone”. The entire crowd around chuckled, confused at the same time as to why turtle said his name was everyone. While all the other animals went by their origin names that were given to them.

The party commenced and every single animal at the event was having a blast. Turtle even had time to make new friends as he befriended spider. Birds and worms had time to even talk about how worms could feel safer without worrying about being caught by the early bird. When it was time to feast, God message to the party goers was that the food was for everyone. “WHELPS,” exclaimed turtle, all the food is mine since my name is everyone. At first the other animals thought it was a joke as God left them to figure it out. Turtle insisted that he was going to eat all the food ALL BY HIMSELF. And so, he did, the other animals were shocked by turtle’s greed as he ate and ate and ate, while everyone gazed.

Outwitted, outsmarted, spider was the first one to leave the party in his web, even before the portal could be reopened. The portal eventually opened, and all the other animal guests started making their way back, most of them with a sad and hungry face. Turtle was still caught up in the ballroom, eating everyone’s meals, and storing some so he could share with his family when he gets home to earth.

Having realize that he was the only one left, and that the portal would be close in five minutes or less. Turtle went and grabbed bags to put his to-go food in. By the time he made his way to the portal, it had finally shut right in front of him. He was stuck in heaven, wondering how he would make his way down to earth. God reaffirm him that because of his actions towards his peers, turtle would have to be responsible for getting himself back to earth.

God dismissed himself, as turtle pondered and pondered. He then thought of something momentarily, how about if he communicated with one of the animals, perhaps his friend spider and request a favor. Turtle screamed down from above, asking his dear friend spider to go by the lake and get his wife to put out all as many sponges and soft materials as possible, so that turtle would jump down from heaven and land on them. Spider, still very angry with his new friend for eating all the food, told turtle’s wife to put out all of the hard metals and devices or materials at hand, directly beneath the spot turtle was likely to land.

Spider convinced turtle’s wife and kids so well that they went above and beyond to make sure the spot was completed filled with hard metals and other extremely rock-solid materials. Spider encouraged them to return home and as soon as the turtle family did so, spider who had already inspected the work that was done, screamed loudly out to turtle that he did what was asked of him. Turtle was dozing off into nap, but excitedly got up, looked down and saw the place that was setup for his landing. Because he was up so high, turtle could not tell exactly what was laid out, and so he thanked his friend before making the jump. “One, two, three,” turtled jump from the sky falling towards earth.

As turtle approached earth, he soon realized exactly what was set up at his landing spot. A little too late it seemed, but somehow turtle was able to turn his back and immediate land on his shell. His scream was so loud that all the other animals nearby heard it and made their way towards him. Surprisingly still alive, turtle shell became entirely cracked and he couldn’t move his body anymore. The animals there all felt a sense of reprisal, and then started to walk away, some still laughing at the incident.

As time passed, turtle was able to reach out to God, hoping to be heal and his back could return to normal. God made turtle aware that he brought it upon himself because he was too greedy, and because of that he had to make a choice. Turtle had to choose between staying in the condition he was in, or having God recreate him and his entire specie with a cracked looking back. Turtle was smart enough to consult with his family first to get their approval. When they agreed, God recreated the entire turtle specie, and so it was to this day that every turtle has a shell with an outside layer that looks well cracked indeed.

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