Pep’s City will win the Premier League(again)

It’s way too early to predict who wins the premier league this season, however, after just two weeks, it’s almost certain that Manchester City will win the league once again. Pep Guardiola is arguably the best coach in football, and he is the best coach in the Premier League. Some football fans would argue that Pep’s success is largely in the premier league and not so much in Europe. Therefore, Jurgen Klopp must be a better coach for winning the Champion’s League in recent years and making the finals last season. However, when we are focusing on the English league itself, Pep has been the most impactful coach, ahead of Klopp, with City winning the league almost every season in the recent years.

Last week, football fans witnessed a masterpiece of a performance from City’s newest signing, Erling Haaland. The Norwegian was bought from Dortmund where he broke records playing in the Bundesliga. The Citizens now have a striker to rival any team, and a great supporting cast as well. Bringing in Julián Álvarez as a backup is another brilliant move by Pep. Having these two young and extremely talented strikers leading the line will only booster City grib on the league title, and perhaps for the first time, make them a realistic favorite to win the Champions League.

City once again goes on to win their second Premier League game, more convincingly than the first. Haaland had an assist early in the game for the first goal, which was scored by Ilkay Gündogan. Kevin De Bruyne who is still the best player for City, showed his class with an outside the right foot shot at the top of the box, after wiggling past two AFC Bournemouth defenders. Phil Foden added a third, before an own goal created late in the second half by their left back Cancelo, enabled City to a 4-0 win at home to Bournemouth.

It must be just a pleasure for Pep to have so much talent at his disposal, watching those lads in training alone must be delightful. Winning the Champions League, along with the Premier League would have to be their season’s objectives. However, with the current Champion’s League holders Real Madrid looking stronger than ever, while Barcelona have also regained their appetite to compete at the highest with their summer recruits, it won’t be easy for City, as even PSG themselves are looking more complete than last season. It’s only the matter of time before everything unveils but watching the journey of these teams to see how everything unfolds will be a pleasure for all football fans.

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