One major benefit to exercising

Exercising is a very important aspect to our livelihood. The older we get, we struggle to perform at levels that were once a very common daily habit. Take for example, the health risks that we face after the age of 40 years old are much more complex and harder to cope with then when we were younger. Humans have always found a way to overcome most life challenges, and one way to keep doing that is by exercising regularly.

Did you know that according to studies, exercise reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes? According to Cara Rosenbloom, a registered dietitian and nutrition expert, “being physically active can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.” One way in which this data was tracked was by looking at women who walk regularly to exercise, verses those who don’t. Women who took fewer to very little steps per day are likely to get diabetes than women that take more steps often.

While physically active women are less likely to get diabetes, the same can also be said about their counterpart, men, as well. Men who exercise more intensely are less likely to be subjected to diabetes.

Cara continues to mention how exactly exercise impacts the risk of getting diabetes. Being physically active regularly, studies have shown that it decreases any risk of metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and of course, type 2 diabetes. The sensitivity of insulin affects the body being able to control blood sugar levels which is much more sustainable if you are being physically active. Like and follow this page to learn more on exactly how much exercise is needed in our next article.

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