Direct payments of $250 per child

Since the beginning of covid, there have been several people whose income have been affected severely. During the heat of the pandemic, several people have lost their jobs or have gotten laid off from work. Due to that, the government have intervened with multiple direct payments that went directly to bank accounts for individuals or families. Some people received their payments in the form of checks from the IRS. While there were politicians that lobbied for monthly income checks for individuals and families that qualified, others worried that the economy may never recovery due to inflation and lots of free money lying around.

Those families that qualified for direct payments were able to capitalize on meeting their families’ basic financial needs, while some individuals were smart enough to invest their money. During this year’s income tax refunds, families with kids received even more money back per child than usual. All of this is to assist those that need the financial assistance the most, as the American economy steers back to normalcy.

Right now, prices on everyday supplies have gone up while the price per pound on goods and services have significantly increased. The most frustrating price increase is none other than the gases prices that reached new heights in the past month, but it’s slowly making its way back down.

Different states offer their own government assistant programs that those who are desperately in need can benefit from. While nonprofit organizations such as food supplies and food banks are actively helping in various communities. It is important to know about other financial aids that is still being provided by your state, especially for lower-income earners. Currently, thousands of families are going to receive a direct payment specifically for Rhode Island residents.

On August 2, Governor Dan Mckee of Rhode Island mentioned that the one-time payment will be sent automatically beginning from October. This aid that is provided by the state government will go to more than 100,000 families, and the amount is $250 per kid for up to three children, according to the Governor’s Office. McKee stated this, “Our Administration is committed to delivering targeted tax relief to Rhode Islanders as we continue to build on our state’s economic momentum.” As residents of Rhode Island are happy about this aid that they will soon be getting, it is important to know that other states are also offering some form of relief to those who qualify.

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