Manchester United CR7 Crisis

Some moments are better left in the past, Manchester United are beginning to learn the hard way. Cristiano Ronaldo was pivotal to United’s success during his first stint at the club. United went on to win multiple domestic titles during that time, as well as the most prestigious club trophy, the Champions League. Individuals accolades was raining down over Old Trafford, as Ronaldo and other United players, won various awards at the time. United fans couldn’t have dreamt of another moment in time to be alive than living those moments at the Theatre of Dreams.

However, following the retirement of the one and only, Sir Alex Ferguson, United became a shadow of the team they once were. Ferguson was a coach that dedicated many years of his life bringing success to United, keeping them relevant. Now the managers that came after his departure, have so far found it difficult to live up to the expectations of such a massive football club. The players in the recent United teams have not been good enough to keep the team competitive, and the few world class players that have played in those teams in recent years, have been disappointing, either due to injury or poor performances.

At the end of last season, United made a decision that they might live to regret for yet another season, and that is bringing back CR7. Cristiano is at the twilight of his career, and even though he has altered his game to be effective in a team that creates a lot of chances for him to score, he offers little else to help the team. That becomes an issue in certain games that are more difficult with fewer clear-cut chances being created, which interprets to the team playing with 10 men as if a red card was given. Ronaldo is not a good fit on United at the twilight of his career, surely, he might bang in a few goals here and there, but his overall contribution to the squad is well off the standard created from the Ronaldo of old.

Champions League Football is another major obstacle that could derail United season by creating more issues for Ronaldo and the likes. Ronaldo wants to play in the Champions League as he has so many years left to keep playing at a high level. However, Manchester United being absent from the Champions League is having an effect on Ronaldo’s professionalism for one of the few times in his career. Erik Den Haag, United new and promising coach, has a lot on his hands already with having to deal with Ronaldo’s bad attitude and behavior as of late. CR7 missed just about the entire preseason due to quote “family reasons.” If that wasn’t enough, the United superstar left the team’s final scrimmage or preseason game at halftime, without the coach’s approval. Later, Den Haag spoke on the matter, condemning the behavior of CR7 and a few other players. But it might not be long before the United hierarchy will have to put their full support with their new manager, rather than babysitting Ronaldo. To get the best out of the new and somewhat improved squad considering the new signings, United might have to let go of Cristiano Ronaldo, only then will the new manager be relieved, and be completely focus on building a team that is capable of competing at the highest level.

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